Why Do We Fundraise?

Updated Tuesday September 23, 2014 by Skate Canada Orangeville.

We are a non-profit organization, operated by an executive board of parent volunteers and we currently run our classes at the Tony Rose Memorial Sports Complex on ice which we have to purchase by the hour from the Town of Orangeville.   In order to cover the high cost of ice time each season while keeping our skaters' registration fees as low as possible, we have to raise dollars through fundraising.

Our biggest fundraiser is the Ontario Skaters' Lottery.  Upon registration, you will pay a fundraising fee of either $80 for 20 week session or $40 for 10 week session.  In return for this fee, you will be provided with one or two books of lottery tickets to be sold at $2 per ticket.  Simply sell all of your tickets, keep the monies you collect and reimburse yourself the full amount paid upon registration.  $22 from every $40 book of tickets sold stays with our club and helps to offset our large annual ice bill which in turn helps us keep our registration fees at an affordable level.  The balance of monies generated in this contest provide direct athlete funding to Skate Canada skaters in our Central Ontario section.  Tickets will be provided to all on-line registrants during the first two weeks of classes.

Smaller fundraising efforts will continue throughout the season and we look forward to your participation.  Every little bit counts!